Good News/ Good Thoughts

On taking time to make things happen

On taking time

Things have been a little quiet on the blogging front lately, as I’ve been busy making preparations for a Mrs Goodness Shop!  I’m very excited at the prospect of being able to make and stock beautiful and practical homeware items that are really focussed on sustainable living and ethical consumerism, without sacrificing style and quality.  I hope that others will be able to embrace these ‘good’ values, and at the…

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Good Food

Coconut oil – why I love it and how I use it


Coconut oil is fast becoming about as much of a “super-oil” as olive oil did when I was a teen.  I remember when my mum started buying olive oil for cooking, because it was proclaimed to be the healthiest oil you could possibly cook with.  Mum used it for everything: stir-frying, baking, roasting, dressings… Everything. Well, of course, since then we’ve learned about this little catch called “smoke point” which means…

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Good Dog/ Good Health

How Truffle the dog changed my life


Anyone who knows me well also knows that this little black dog with the white chin may be credited with saving my life.  Perhaps not in a dramatic news-worthy fashion, involving dangerous waters or venomous snakes; but his entrance into my life undoubtedly kickstarted my recovery out of a bad case of depression.  I think all of my friends and family thought I had made a ridiculous decision in buying…

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Good Food

Mummy’s Milo


Growing up, I guess I always took it for granted that Milo was made in New Zealand. I’m not quite sure why; I suppose it was my own ignorance …or clever advertising by Nestlé helped me to form that wrong assumption. Well anyway, that was my understanding well into adulthood, so that when I left home (after a childhood filled with fond memories of Milo-drinking) and I began my life of flatting…

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Good Thoughts

Why I strive to be Good and not Perfect

good vs perfect

I have a confession to make which may interest those of you who are mums too (and probably won’t interest anyone else!).  I use disposable nappies on Daniel, and I think he’s only worn about 3 cloth nappies in his 16-month-long life.  This is in spite of the fact that I know how bad they are for the environment (possibly for baby’s health too :-/ ) and in spite of the fact…

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Good Home

Why I choose to use glass in my kitchen (over plastic)


Last week a very good mummy-friend of mine asked me why I choose to use glass to store our food in, over durable, effective plastic storage solutions such as Tupperware.  It was very brave of her to ask me this, as all my friends know I can chew their ears off when I get talking about things I am passionate about; particularly things like plastic, glass, sustainability, and healthy living!…

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Good Food

Homemade hummus, made from scratch


For my first post this Plastic-Free July, I’ve decided I’ll share with you how I make hummus from scratch.  This is something I’m doing about once a week these days, as my little boy is OBSESSED with it!  He’s not really talking yet, so he just squeals and points to indicate that me spreading the hummus on toast is just slowing him down and he wants me to give it…

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Good Food/ Good Health/ Good Living

How we make organic food affordable


Before we had children, I was one of those people who had an idea that organic might be better but I actually preferred not to know any hard facts or scary details relating to the difference between organic and non-organic food because the fact is, organic foods cost significantly more than their mainstream alternatives.  And I couldn’t afford that difference.  So I felt like it was better not to know.…

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Good Food/ Good Health

How and why I make sauerkraut


Thanks to my Dutch father, I have been eating sauerkraut for as long as I can remember.  Certainly, long before it became fashionable as a probiotic superfood!  My dad used to serve it up mixed through mashed potato with a rookworst sausage and gravy on top.  Just describing it makes me drool! It was the ultimate winter comfort food.  After I left home for university I rarely ate it as…

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Good Living/ Good Thoughts

Grandparents and sweets


The other night at dinner, Stella snitched on her Poppy (my father-in-law).  My husband laughed and explained that his father had snuck her a licorice lolly, whispering “Don’t tell Daddy!” with a wink.  I rolled my eyes at my husband and said to Stella, “Well, aren’t you lucky! What a treat!” and let it go.  (Sort of).  I didn’t grow up with grandparents but I know this is what grandparents…

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