Today I walked my daughter to school for the first time ☺️ (secretly 😢).
… In case you were wondering where I got to the past few weeks, well we got an amazing surprise a couple of weeks ago – a place to live in Pirongia until we are ready to move into our own home! We have a section in Pirongia and are preparing to build a rammed earth home. It’ll probably be another couple of years before we have a finished home to move in to, so this gift has absolutely ROCKED OUR WORLD!!! 😲😄😭 We thought we were going to be living in a caravan and I expected to have to stop Mrs Goodness, but this has changed all that. We’re still settling in and I’m painting the whole inside (!) but I’m so excited to get back into my Mrs Goodness stuff, so please stay tuned! I hope you’re enjoying some sunshine too, wherever you are. 😘 x Est

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