9 May

The last cowl I knitted (silver and blue stripes) turned out really beautiful but to my dismay, it doesn’t suit me at all! 😩 I have since discovered that there is such a thing as ‘seasonal colour charts’ – where your complexion is best suited to a group of colours that fall within a spring, summer, autumn, or winter colour palette – and I am Autumn! So I have vowed to get more adventurous with the colours in my wardrobe, as I have mainly just stuck to blue, grey and black till now – very safe, but how boring! I bought this beautiful alpaca wool to knit a cowl and it’s looking very promising, but I have to run back to the mirror with it every couple of rows just to reassure myself that it does suit me 😅. I’m not entirely convinced but I’m not sure if that’s just because I’m not used to this colour… My fingers and toes are crossed with every stitch…

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