13 May

I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed autumn as much as I have this year; perhaps because I’ve had to slow down and enjoy it, perhaps because the autumn colours are so spectacular out here in Pirongia. Probably both 😊🍂. I decided to go looking for an #inspirationquote about autumn and I found this one.
As my friends and family will testify, I have very strong opinions, particularly on what I consider to be right and wrong, ethical, responsible, and sustainable. Sometimes I feel hurt when people I love feel differently (eg. my parents aren’t eco-warriors, and their ability to make environmentally-conscious changes to their lives is excru–ciatingly slow for impatient me!). But if this proverb is true, perhaps I should consider that my opinions aren’t worth ruining my relationships with my loved ones? 🤔 I guess the important thing to remember is that VALUES and OPINIONS are not the same. We are very quick to share/argue our opinions and judge each other based on them, but as a society do we invest the same amount of energy and effort into working out what our values are? If opinions are fleeting, then indeed I shouldn’t be judging my loved ones and arguing about them. But the truth is, shared values are what bind me to my friends and family – they are the glue that makes our relationships strong and lasting. 🧡

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