28 May

I’m back to making small batches of water kefir again, after a three-ish month break. The grains waited quite happily in the fridge and took only 2 days to get back up and running (see the bubbles on top?). My kombucha hotel also waited patiently for me, while its new SCOBY grew about 4cms thick! 😮 Thankfully these living foods are so very patient and forgiving… I don’t need to start from scratch just because I didn’t have the energy to keep it all going while I was down & out. I can handle making just a litre at a time atm, and I can’t be bothered flavouring it with ginger or fruit but my kids love it just the way it is. Sometimes it’s best to just #keepthingssimple so you can cope with life and enjoy it 😉.

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  • Love the journal idea and the newsletter update. I’m not on Instagram but would check your journal if prompted to remember somehow

    • Oh yay! Thanks for the feedback 🙂 My plan is to spend less time on social media and more time writing more frequent, interesting newsletters – I want to make them weekly, and hopefully that will be a regular enough reminder to check my journal …but not too frequent to make you feel like I’m pestering you, haha!