30 May

Last night I wrote a post on my Instagram feed explaining that I’m taking a break from that social media platform. It’s a bit of a scary decision to make because I’ve invested so much time and energy on creating content for my Insta-feed, and I have a lovely little bunch of loyal Insta-followers too. But there are a number of aspects of Instagram that I’ve become increasingly disillusioned with in recent months, and I think others are feeling it too. For one, that blasted ALGORITHM – I was starting to feel like it was determining all my actions on Instagram, and preventing me from being able to reach out to anyone beyond my existing sphere of influence. Very frustrating. Then there was the homogeneity of the content I was seeing from others – sure, I only followed “low-waste”, “plastic-free” kind of accounts so they were bound to be similar, but the zerowaste flatlay was really starting to get to me 😬 – just a pretty image with superficial content in tow. I’ve also noticed an increasingly strong push towards ‘sustainable consumerism‘ in the low-waste Insta-community. That’s a nice phrase a fellow low-waste Instagrammer* coined, and I love it. Even if all the products are biodegradable, or made using fair labour, buying a tonne of things you don’t really need just because you were totally seduced by the beautiful photos in your feed is still wasteful consumerism …isn’t it? I mean, how many reusable unplastic drink bottles does one person really need…? I felt myself getting sucked into the pull of such marketing myself, and I decided it’s not right. I do love beautiful photos (beautiful things, really!) and naturally I only share aesthetically pleasing pictures of myself and my kitchen 😂, so I expect this journal I’ve created here as an alternative to my Instagram account will still look pretty. But I hope it won’t insidiously promote the kind of lifestyle choices that I believe are the root causes of our society’s environmental devastation – ie. needless waste, excessive consumption, the disposable attitude to life… etc.

I’m truly sorry that this was a bit of a rant and a whinge (two other things that irritate me about social media commentary, haha! 😂) but sometimes you just need to get things off your chest and say them out loud, right? I promise I’ll try not to make a habit of this.

And now to see if I’ve just shot myself in the foot by turning my back on Instagram…? Perhaps in a few short weeks I’ll be right back in there, checking my likes, counting my followers, capturing and filtering the best moments of my day… Well I won’t know without giving this a go though. And you all know how much I love experimenting! I think this is a good one 😉.  x Est

* @zerobelowbykatie

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