31 May

I just posted these upcycled glass bottles off to their new owner in Nelson this morning. I usually use shredded paper and cardboard to pack my orders (sometimes corrugated cardboard or newspaper) and it would be more sustainable if the paper were unbleached, but this is where my children’s discarded artistic creations go! My children are prolific artists, and I don’t discourage them even though they go through a LOT of paper. Even though I gush over each and every drawing, there are only so many masterpieces a proud mother can keep… Obviously, I wait until they are out of the building before I put their drawings through the shredder 🙄.

…Anyway, you’d be surprised at how few breakages I’ve had in the 2+ years I’ve been posting out glassware without bubble wrap or polystyrene – I’m pretty sure I could count them on one hand! And those courier drivers can be a bit rough sometimes too. I prefer to use jute string to hold the tissue together because it can go straight into the compost or worm farm. Because I use pre-used cardboard boxes they are often covered in plastic tape (and boy do I hate those plastic windows they stick onto the boxes for packing slips – they are just impossible to remove!). But that’s the only plastic you’ll find when you receive a parcel from me, and it’s something I’m a little bit proud of 😇.

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