1 June


On Saturday I popped into Wholly Cow in Cambridge to get a bit of meat for the week – totally disorganised of course, but look what I discovered! They make their own waxed paper bags to put the meat in! I expect like me, you assume these have been waxed with beeswax or something similar, but no, they use their own beef tallow.  Wholly Cow has built their own on-site abattoir, so the animals don’t need to be transported and they suffer significantly less stress as a result. This lovely lady serving me (I didn’t catch her name, unfortunately) renders the tallow and uses an old laminator which she has repurposed for the job of waxing paper bags. She then stamps the company logo on each and every bag. I can imagine this would be very time consuming, but it just goes to show there are some people out there who don’t care about the extra time/effort/expense required to do something that they believe is better for the world than the status quo. These waxed bags are compostable, worm farm friendly, and they work! Of course, they are still disposable so bringing my own container would have been even better, but on this imperfect morning I was super-grateful for her amazing efforts, and so are my worms 😉.

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