3 June

Giving my chicken a bath to clean her poopy bum might seem a bit over the top, but I am shocked at how much Sage enjoys it! She’ll squawk and run if she thinks I’m trying to catch her, but look at how chilled out she is (I couldn’t quite believe my eyes 😲), literally from the moment she touches the warm epsom salt bathwater till the moment her feet are back on the ground.  This chook had had a case of the runs and she’s moulting too, so I decided an intervention was necessary. I sat her in this warm bath (which had a cup of epsom salts in it) to let the crusty poop soften, and then gently washed it off her feathers. I’m sure I could have walked away and left her there, she was so happy! Her toes were curled and she made quiet cooing sounds, haha.

I’m kinda surprised by how much I enjoy having chickens; they really are great pets!

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