18 July

This school holidays I’ve been reading the most amazing book, called “The Choice” by Dr Edith Eger. I finished it a couple of days ago and ever since I can’t stop crying! I have learned so much about myself, and it helped me to identify my own long-held, unhelpful beliefs about myself that have affected my choices and behaviour for my whole adult life.

Dr Eger is a Holocaust survivor who has published this, her first book, at the age of 90. In the book she shares her memories of her childhood, her experiences in Auschwitz and the Death March, then her emigration to America where she raised three children and pursued an education in Psychology. The first half of the book was pretty traumatising for me (I lost a bit of sleep) but I had to remind myself that I was choosing to read what others had not chosen to experience. The second half of the book was the most powerful for me, where she talked about her personal journey of healing, as well as the insights she gained from working as a psychologist for many years with people who needed help to heal from traumas of their own.

I am blown away by this woman’s open-heartedness, her kindness and her compassion. She is such an inspiration, and her book truly is the most amazing gift to the world. I really can’t recommend it enough!

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