26 July

Wahoo! We can eat from our own garden again! 😅 As you can see, the broccoli got away on me before I even noticed it was ready, d’oh. Luckily it’s sprouting broccoli so there’s plenty more coming up for us to eat. We’ve got cauliflower, kale, celery, and you can see the cabbage leaves in the background. Also growing right now are broad beans, garlic, spinach, silverbeet, salad greens, and sugar snap peas. I was quite late in getting the winter garden going as I was too tired after my surgery to do anything for months, but how awesome that we’ve still managed to grow a bit of food! Goes to show, better late than never 😉.  The nice thing about homegrown winter veg and a few serious frosts is the kale isn’t covered in whitefly gunge, haha!

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