2 August

Puppy and dog had their worming tablets yesterday and it got me thinking it might be a good idea for the whole family to do a little parasite attack! I’ve stirred a tablespoon of organic food-grade diatomaceous earth into a big glass of water and drunk it first thing after waking for the past three mornings. I understand it works better on an empty stomach but I very much doubt the kids will drink it (it doesn’t taste like anything really, but I still don’t think they’ll drink it because it looks like muddy water but grey).  So I stir a teaspoon of DE into the kids’ porridge each morning and they happily munch it down.  I’m positive it works because without sharing TMI, there is definitely visual evidence of dead worms 😅.  Whether it kills ALL parasites is something I don’t know but I’m of the opinion that parasites probably play a positive role in gut health and it’s all about balance.  So for me, it’s more about getting the numbers down than a complete extermination, haha!

I’m not craving sweets so much today, which could be a coincidence, but then again…?  🤷

Ps. I got my diatomaceous earth from my local Bin Inn.

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