14 June

I’ve spent the week at home with two sick kids and I’m feeling the cabin fever today, big time! I’m a bit of a grouch this morning.  Maybe it’s my bad attitude, but it really feels like these two have been sick on and off for the past few months?! I have to admit, I did wonder to myself if all this ‘healthy eating and healthy living’ was actually doing us any good, because shouldn’t one be immune to colds when one is in optimal health? But I have to remind myself that getting colds and recovering from them is part of the process of strengthening our immune system. Just like exposing ourselves to dirt and grime means we are less likely to suffer from allergies. I read this fantastic article a while back (can’t find it now, drat! I’ll keep looking for it and share it here if I do) which explained how all the mucus that you blow out of your nose and the crap you cough out of your lungs when you are sick are actually dead cells.  Apparently, our body has a sort of a ‘spring clean’ of dead and diseased cells when we are sick!

Something I thought about quite frequently over the course of this week is how fortunate my family is to be able to have me at home, so the kids can stay at home and rest for as long as they need to. I believe there are lots of kids out there who are back in schools/daycares because their parents simply have to get back to work! There’s just so much pressure for us to be up and running all the time, with only scheduled breaks, that colds and flus are simply inconvenient. I don’t watch TV these days but I remember that classic Codral ad where the woman was struggling to work through her stuffy nose and weeping eyes, but then Codral allowed her to ‘soldier on’ and miraculously it was like she wasn’t sick at all! Instead, I wish we could promote and encourage the idea of properly resting and allowing our bodies to recover from colds. Perhaps over time we would get sick less frequently and less severely, as our immune systems could have the opportunity to strengthen? Hmm… grumpy mum musings on a Friday morning! 🤔

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