Homemade raspberry lip balm

For some mysterious reason, Stella always has very dry lips. I decided to have a go at making her a super simple lip balm using ingredients I already have at home, and it is such a hit! She absolutely loves using it and her lips look better for it too. The reason why she loves it so much is because it’s tinted bright pink and it makes her feel like she’s wearing lipstick. 😘 In the photo above it looks like it might be quite hard but it really isn’t. It’s the perfect consistency (not sure how it would be in summer temps; I’ll have to get back to you on that one!).

Anyway, for your interest, here’s how I made it. I found myself a little glass jar, and filled it to the top with chunks of shea butter. Using the double boiler method (pot in pot of simmering water) I melted the shea butter then added about 1/2 tsp of freeze-dried raspberry powder and stirred it thoroughly with a chopstick. I took the jar out of the hot water and added a bit of hempseed oil (but if I had it I think that jojoba oil would have been better) – not much, just enough to mean the balm wouldn’t be solid at room temp! The raspberry powder would settle on the bottom if left to cool completely untouched, so as it was cooling I stirred it once again to ensure the pink was evenly distributed. It worked perfectly, and it leaves a pink tinge on her lips.  Sorry the recipe is so vague, but it was a spontaneous once-off. Next time I make it I can work out exact quantities if that helps! 😘

I love how this lip balm is super-super minimalist in terms of ingredients, and it’s basically food so she can lick her lips to her heart’s content!

Update: Stella kept this balm in her school bag and I noticed that it would melt during the hot days, then cool again at night. The raspberry powder eventually sank to the bottom. So I guess this balm is best kept in the house/bathroom where the temperature’s more stable.

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