Bamboo toothbrush


Bamboo toothbrush with soft BPA-free polymer bristles.
Bamboo handle is compostable and the bristles may be removed and recycled.*

* See notes below to learn more…

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I love these bamboo toothbrushes because they are effective at cleaning my teeth while being gentle on gums. Β The smaller head design means you don’t feel like you’ve got a mouthful of wood when you brush with them (as you do with some other bamboo brush designs!) haha. Β But also, it means the kids can use them too.

In New Zealand, over 6 million toothbrushes are disposed of each year. This creates something like 200 tonnes of plastic waste – which won’t break down in our lifetime, or that of our children. Β Bamboo handled toothbrushes mean that everything except the bristles is 100% compostable (this includes the packaging, yay!). Β Some people just poke their old toothbrush handles into their lawn! The polymer bristles can be pulled out and collected for recycling through Grin’s recycling programme. I really admire how this NZ company is trying to take responsibility for the waste disposal of its products, so I’m proud to stock their toothbrushes in the Mrs Goodness shop πŸ™‚ .

For best results, most dentists recommend you replace your toothbrush at least every three months. These toothbrushes last well, particularly if you take the trouble to rinse and dry your toothbrush after use to keep it clean. Β Tip: Best not to leave your toothbrush standing in a puddle of water, as bamboo is an absorbent material!

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Adult – Soft, Child – Soft


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