Beeswax wrap – XL


One XL size beeswax food wrap by LilyBee
Size: 42cm by 42cm
Fabric pattern = lucky dip

This wrap is ideal for wrapping loaves of bread, covering big bowls, or even summer watermelons.

Will last 6 months to a year if properly cared for.
Wash with cool water and a mild, natural dish soap.
Not recommended for use with meat.

Ingredients: locally-sourced beeswax, tree resin, coconut oil and 100% cotton fabric

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Beeswax wraps are a fantastic alternative to plastic in the kitchen.  You can use them in place of Gladwrap (cling film) to cover bowls of leftovers, wrap sandwiches, and whole or cut fruits & vegetables.  Because the beeswax mixture is slightly tacky, you don’t need rubber bands or string to hold your wrap together – just the warmth of your hands will soften them enough to mould them into shape.  I’ve tried a few different kinds of beeswax wrap myself, and these are by far the best!  Because they are reusable, you need to use some common sense around food safety – for example, wrapping meat or fish in these wraps is not recommended. However, they can be washed (use cool water and a mild detergent) and keep in mind that both beeswax and coconut oil have some natural antibacterial properties.

LilyBee is a family business operating in the Hawke’s Bay, NZ.  Their wraps are expected to last 6 months to a year, maybe more. When you feel they need to be replaced, you can either compost them or you can have a go at recoating them yourself!


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