Ecofloss silk dental floss

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30m pure silk floss = 100% biodegradable
Coated with candelilla wax with natural mint flavour

Comes in a recycled and recyclable glass bottle
100% plastic-free

Refills also available:

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Because I have very tightly packed teeth I really can’t do without dental floss! Unfortunately, most dental floss is either made from plastic, or at the very least packaged in plastic, and I’m no fan of plastic whether it’s ‘compostable’ or not.  I’ve been looking for the right dental floss to sell in the Mrs Goodness shop for ages, and I’ve finally found it!  Unfortunately it’s not vegan as it is made from 100% pure silk, but silk is very strong and of course it’s also 100% biodegradable. I looked at other kinds of dental floss, but even the bamboo flosses are usually combined with a polyester base.  The other option is a floss made from PLA which is compostable plastic, but it is still plastic unfortunately 😕.

The Ecofloss is packaged in a glass vial with a stainless steel lid, and refills are available here so you can keep the original container and reuse it over and over again!

This floss is supplied by which is a NZ-based company of dentists with a big conscience.  They are trying to do their bit to help kiwi kids with poor oral health as well as help the NZ environment. 🙌
For your interest: NZ Herald, Nov. 2017 – “Child tooth decay soars as kids have to share toothbrushes”

3 reviews for Ecofloss silk dental floss

  1. Larry (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. So much nicer than any synthetic product. Bargain at $8

  2. Ann M (verified owner)

    This dental floss is lovely. I find it more gentle than the plastic variety. To dispose of it I pop it in our warm farm. The glass container is handy when travelling and great you can buy refill floss

  3. daniels.karlene (verified owner)

    Another beautiful product – making the everyday items a little more luxurious- I’ll be back for more of this.

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