Ice cube tray stainless steel


Stainless steel ice cube tray is fast to freeze, easy to use, easy to clean and will last a lifetime.

100% plastic-free!
Dishwasher safe
Release ice cubes with lever
28 x 12 x 5cm
460g (it’s not flimsy!)

* See notes below for tips

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You may recognise the design of this ice cube tray which was common in the 50’s and 60’s but was originally constructed out of aluminium.  The same design is now available in stainless steel, and is a welcome alternative to the plastic, aluminium, or silicone trays most people are using nowadays. Not just for ice-making, it’s perfect for freezing small portions of food – chopped herbs, crushed garlic, pesto, and baby food, for example. Just fill, freeze, and pull the lever to release the cubes. Because it’s not at all flexible like silicone or plastic, I recommend you fill it only 3/4 full (the ice cubes are really big anyway), and leave it out at room temperature (or run under tepid water) for a few minutes before trying to release the ice.

Stainless steel is significantly more expensive than plastic, silicone, or aluminium, but this ice cube tray is built to last – it’s solid and has some weight (not flimsy). And if you’re like me, the fact that there is no chance of tiny plastic/aluminium shavings ending up in your ice will make it seem like a worthy investment. Unlike my fridge’s built-in ice-maker, it can be cleaned thoroughly and it is dishwasher safe.



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