Weck Mold Jar 850mL, Box/6

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Made in Germany.
Clamps and seals sold separately.
(Please note you will need both clamps and seals in order to use the Weck jars for preserves.)

The 850mL Weck jar is pictured on the right.

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The Weck Mold preserving jars are one of the staples of the Mrs Goodness Shop. I absolutely LOVE them – I use them in my fridge, freezer, and pantry – and I’ll tell you why:

1. Not only are they plastic-free (except for the Keep Fresh lids if you choose to use them), they are basically zero waste too!  All components of the Weck preserving system are reusable and they are made of high quality, durable materials.

2. The only material in contact with your food is glass, which is tested regularly (to German standards!) for lead levels – this cannot be said for glass made in China, for example.  Definitely no risk of BPA or other scary endochrine disruptors/carcinogens being in contact with your food, whew!

3. The design is pretty much unchanged since my dad was a kid (b.1952) so you know it’s going to endure.

4. Weck jars are stackable.  This is an amazingly convenient feature which can really save space in your pantry!

5. The conical shape of the Mold jars means you can easily access every last little bit of whatever yummy thing you have inside it with your knife (or spatula if you are Dutch, hee hee! 😉 ). No annoying nooks or crannies or awkward corners you have to use your finger to get to – this is also a very practical consideration for cleaning.

6. They are beautiful.

7. The lid system makes them really versatile.  You can use them with the rubber seal and clamps for an airtight seal, or you can use just the glass lid.  You can also use the keep fresh lids for liquids.  If you’ve bought the fermenting kit, you can swap the lid with airlock over to another jar and start the next ferment once you’ve finished the first – yay!

8. Glass looks as good as it did the day you bought it for years and years and years – as long as you don’t drop it on concrete!

If you are interested in knowing why I love using glass in my kitchen so much, you can read Mrs Goodness’ blog post here:

PS. Please remember they are glass, so Weck jars will crack just like any other glass vessel if you subject them to extreme temperature changes.  Always warm them first before filling with boiling water or freshly cooked jam! (I speak from experience…)

2 reviews for Weck Mold Jar 850mL, Box/6

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Donna Reid (verified owner)

    I’ve been coveting Weck jars for years and finally got round to ordering a stock of them because Mrs Goodness made it so easy. This spurred my husband to build some beautiful kitchen shelves to display them on. I love the fact that these are functional and beautiful. My kitchen has never been so organised and having our larder essentials out on display inspires us both to cook up a storm.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kathy Gyde (verified owner)

    These Weck jars are just beautiful. They arrived at lightening speed and Esther helped me out when I forgot to order the clips and seals. Top notch jars and top notch service. Thanks so much

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