Beeswax earplugs


80mL Weck jar (clamps included) contains 8 beeswax earplugs

Ingredients: beeswax, lanolin, organic cotton, mullein garlic ear oil (e-v olive oil, mullein flowers, garlic, yarrow, calendula flowers, vitamin E)

Use each earplug up to 10 times before composting, then clean and use the jar for herbs or spices, homemade face cream, tooth powder, buttons or pins… or whatever you like!


To use:

Mold the earplug into a pellet shape and insert the tip into ear before squashing the bulk of the earplug over the ear opening. Pull your ear back against your head when inserting.  In the morning, carefully remove the earplug. Use each earplug up to 10 times before composting.

If you become hooked on these earplugs (like I am) for a good night’s sleep, you can learn to make your own (blog/instructable coming soon) or you can buy more from me and collect the jars for spices or homemade balms etc!

If you want to clean your Weck jar, beeswax and lanolin are notoriously difficult to wash away, but here’s what I do:

  • Boil the jug.
  • Heat the glass under hot tap water (so that it won’t crack) and put some rubber gloves on.
  • Pour the boiling water over the glass jar/lid until all the beeswax has melted and rinsed away.
  • Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

I had my ears cleaned before I started using these, and then I had them checked again after a few months of use. My ears were nice and clean! If you live in Hamilton, I can highly recommend the Ear Room in Queenwood for (free!) ear checks. If your ears are nice and clean there is no charge for your check. Obviously if some cleaning is required, there is a cost involved – but it’s seriously worth it for happy ears!

The Weck jar measures 5cm high by 6.8cm diameter (lid).

And, for more information about the mullein garlic ear oil:


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