Custom name labelling


This is an extra option to have your name sand-blasted onto your Bentō Ninja lunchbox or Ecotanka water bottle when you are purchasing those items from the Mrs Goodness Shop.

The stencils are hand-cut by me and the sand-blasting is done by hand, so there will be some imperfections (see photos) BUT it is a permanent, plastic-free way of naming and personalising your new items so I wanted to make this option available to my customers.

Please read product details below before purchasing!


These labels are designed and hand-cut by me, and then sand-blasted by my husband.  Because the process is not mechanised, you need to expect some imperfections in the final result.  Obviously, we try our hardest to get a flawless result each time, but I just can’t afford to replace bottles and lunchboxes if people are disappointed due to unreasonable expectations, sorry! It’s not ideal, but personally I just think it’s FANTASTIC to be able to name our bottles and lunchboxes without stickers, vivid that scratches off, or plastic labels, and I wanted to offer this possibility to others.  It’s unfortunate that it is expensive, but at least it’s a one-off cost – and of course, it’s completely optional. I’ve tried to take photos that give a good impression of the final outcome, so please take a close look at them. Sometimes the corners of the letters blow out a bit and there is a bit of fuzziness, which I marked with red arrows on one image. My own bottle, named “Esther” is already scuffed and dinged from use, so you can sort of see how it will age with time.


– One or two names only (eg. first and last name)
– Uppercase letters only, as shown in the photos
– If your name has more than 6 letters, please BEFORE ordering to check if I can do it, and how.
– If you misspell your name/s in your communications with me, you will need to accept the misspelt outcome. Obviously, I’ll take responsibility for misspells at my end!

Please expect that your order will take an additional 3 working days to process before it is ready to ship.  If you are not comfortable with any of the above conditions or risks, then please DON’T opt for custom labelling by me!  If you would like a low-risk, more flexible way of permanently labelling your stainless steel items you may wish to have them laser engraved by a local engraving service.


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